Short break announcement!

Starting next week, September 23rd, I will be taking a short break from Ajurus Returning! There will still be weekly updates, I will be releasing a short story of five pages. It’s a comedic sci-fi story unrelated to Ajurus Returning.

After 3.5 years of my comic, I need a creative break! Sorry for the postponement, but please trust me that you’ll enjoy the comic in its place!

It’s the three year anniversary of Ajurus Returning!

Well, not exactly, the actual anniversary is the 11th of April, but today’s page is the page of the week that is the third anniversary. And by today’s page I mean page 161 because it’s likely you’re reading this on a week that isn’t the second week of April, 2019. Still, though, anniversary!

As we travel into year four of Ajurus Returning, it’s exciting to see the world open up to our characters! It’s the world I’ve known about for so long and now I get to share it with you! Please enjoy.