New dawn, new chapter, new part

Page 113 marks the beginning of the next chapter of Ajurus Returning, as well as the beginning of Part 2 – Fates Finding. As for what awaits beyond the Immortal Horizon, I can’t wait to show you.

Also, Ajurus Returning had its second birthday back in April on the 11th, I forgot to mention it!


Marching on to page 100 and beyond.

Wow, in just under a month, page 100 will come out. Is there any significance to page 100? Not really, but it’s a nice looking number, and signifies a lot of work. What happens after page 100? Page 101, then 102, then it keeps going until it’s finished, whenever that will be. See you then!


Happy holidays, everyone!

Happy holidays to everyone! I’d like to thank you for reading my comic, or even just checking it out, it means a lot to me.

Christmas day falls on a Monday this year, and of course there will be a new page then. See you then!


Page 85 is postponed, sorry.

Page 85, which would come out next week Monday on October 23rd, will come out the following Monday. Sorry about that. The 23rd I’ll still have a bonus update, either some art, or a story recap, or perhaps something else, we’ll see. Thanks for bearing with me!


No news is good news?

I haven’t posted any news in a couple months, because there really hasn’t been any. I’ve still updated the comic consistently since it began. You can follow me on Twitter @FreeToothpaste if you would like. Otherwise, have a good day!


Ajurus Returning one year anniversary!

Today marks the first anniversary of Ajurus Returning, so have a double update to celebrate! It also marks one year of consistent updates. This has been a great learning experience for me, I’m happy with how I’ve grown and will continue to grow as this comic continues.